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Most of the parents want to would love to see their kids that manage their intense emotions that is without falling apart or in other words , we can also say that is taking their frustrations out on others . It is hard to watch their children that is in the form of react to their upset feelings by flying off in the different ways in which the first one is handle, the second one is holding a grudge, the third one is complaining or in other words, we can also say that insulting the people that is around them when their emotions are running high. As parents, there are times when person or group of person simply who don’t know what to do at a time in the daily life or life activities. Parents can be helpful or helped their children by first helping the child in the form of gain self awareness. The parents help or support to the children in the different ways in which the first one is they care or alert on the children health, the second one is they care or alert on the children growth and development, the third one is they care or alert on the food of the children, the fourth one is they care or alert on the sleep of the children, the fifth one is they care or alert on the study of the children, etc. In this reason there is no arising or creating of the problems of the Child out of Control.

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Today children are advance due to the science and technology and we know that the science and technology is that the term that comes from the word Sciatica that the Scientist means and the Scientist only shows observation and experimentation or practical effects and affects of the Science and in other words also we know that the Science is the systematical knowledge of the nature that is gained by the man across its observation and its experimentation in the form or the sense of the positive way or condition this way we have to need or needed not the Child of the Control.

The Control of the child stems to lack principally the discipline or to lack the way and we know that if the child is not in the discipline the way or the condition then the child is out of the control in quickly or hurry the way, because without the discipline, the Child of the Control uses many people or the diverse types of the bad or bad effects and affects the exhibition in which the first one is the child it is not the respect to other persons or group of persons or the people that is to say related to men and women, the child created the misunderstanding and also father and mother created the bad behavior to others that is to say, brother and sister, etc., the child created on the confidence and on the elegant one between family members or between persons of others.


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